Friday, October 07, 2011

Love is gratefulness

Love is the single indication of being truly alive. We have unlimited capacity for love. From hundreds of people we love throughout our lives, most never notice us. If we have a free soul, we may express our love to a handful of them, and most of them won't love us back. It is natural to feel rejected, but do not stay there. Love is about being open and vulnerable. And, even though it is absolutely necessary, yet it is not enough to appreciate only those who love us back. We must acknowledge those who never notice our love and those who do not love us back. We should be grateful to all of them for providing us with this amazing opportunity to stay alive and remain human. Be ready for being hurt. Love is opening your heart and embracing the pain. No one said life is pure joy. If anything, life is about being hurt. Embrace life. Be grateful.


  1. It seems that I am too sleepy to leave a correct comment ;)

  2. Sleep well!
    and thanks for kind words :)

  3. your choice of words is amazing.
    As you said we should acknowledge people that love us back. I am trying to ignore the ones that do not notice me....
    I was off for a long time and I am sorry I did not visit your (and Daisy´s blogs), but I promise I will catch up!

  4. Good to see you back Aftab banoo jaan!


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