Monday, September 12, 2011

30-day Experiments

I finished my second 30-day experiment yesterday, September 11, 2011. For a month, the first thing I did in the morning was "writing", for at least 15 minutes and up to an hour. I specifically worked on a project that I call "Life Practices". Most of the writings on this subject are also posted here:
Very interesting experiment, I am glad I started it.
Somewhere along the road I decided to start writing in Farsi/Persian language as well. This was even more amazing experience. I have put those writings here:
I am learning so much about myself, gradually and patiently, by doing these simple writing practices. I highly recommend doing them to everyone:
PS. My first 30-day experiment was taking pictures in the neighborhood, first thing in the morning. That was a great experiment of looking at the same scene over and over and observing new things. From more than 400 pictures I took I selected 50 that are posted here:  


  1. تصاویر فوق العاده زیبایند

  2. thanks hossein jaan!
    I am glad that cheshmatoon ziba mibinand :))

  3. WOW (for pictures, some of them are very artistic)! and respect for keeping your 30-day Experiments (the only one I will be able to keep is to eat bar of chocolate every day ;)))

  4. Thanks aftab banoo jaan!
    It is not difficult, really, if your initial choice of "experiment" is modest and do-able. Then, you actually enjoy doing it :)


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