Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two Insights (While Swimming)

  1. We are used to assigning deadlines to tasks. How about treating decisions as tasks, and then focusing on the most immediate decisions to be made without worrying about others? We can still prepare for a complicated decision but, at least for me, knowing that we will make the decision at the deadline reduces the pressure. For this to work, some practice with "seeing all tasks equal" helps a lot. That is, focusing on the task at hand rather than being preoccupied with `important' future decisions. There are no important and trivial tasks, there are only tasks to be done.
  2. Mastery in swimming emerges as you feel relaxed enough to watch things, within yourself and outside, as you swim. From my practice-oriented view of life, if you want to feel the same peace in daily life then it is important to feel it first in some form of practice (like swimming, or any other practice of your choice). Then you can search and instill the same feeling in your daily routine of life.
2014-12-02: It is so painful to remember how difficult it was for me to make simplest decisions. I am glad that I left that life behind, even though I had to sacrifice my job :)

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