Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A beautiful quote from Goethe that I found in "The Actor's Art and Craft" (p. 276):
As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.    Goethe


  1. That is very true. But do you know where this trust is coming from?

  2. Very interesting question: I am glad you asked.
    I believe trust comes from "practice".
    Practicing a craft, a skill, an art, or even something as elementary as eating, with focus and full heart.
    It not only improves your trust in the specific skill that you are practicing but it also benefits, gradually, all aspects of life :)
    This is one of the most amazing secrets of life!!!

  3. Thanks for the very nice explanation :)

    I was asking myself how would people gain or loose trust in themselves and I think I agree with you, it requires practice, a lot of it. Probably outside encouraging forces would help a whole bunch as well.

    Another think we were discussing with Maz today is to believe in *whatever* we are and not expect more from ourselves...

  4. Interesting, I have to think about your points ... I can see that receiving love and encouragement helps us to heal ... I am also aware of the necessity of self-acceptance, reaching peace with who we are ...
    Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing Shadi jaan!


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