Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Gate at the Stairs - II

A passage from ``A Gate at the Stairs,'' by Lorrie Moore:

Dating? What did I know of it? My roommate, Murph, has done all the dating and had essentially abandoned me so that she could now sleep every night with this new guy she'd met. She had bequeathed me her vibrator, a strange swirling, buzzing thing that when switched to high gyrated in the air like someone's bored thick finger going whoop-dee-doo. Whose penis could this possibly resemble? Someone who had worked in a circus, perhaps! Maybe Burt Lanceaster's in Trapeze.  I kept the thing on the kitchen counter where Murph had left it for me and occasionally I used it to stir my chocolate milk.   --- p. 12, A Gate at the Stairs


  1. That was funny and gross at the same time; no matter how many times she’s washed that vibrator!

  2. You are right! Never thought of that aspect, it makes it even funnier :)


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