Monday, August 15, 2011


A passage from ``The actor's art and craft,'' by William Esper and Damon DiMarco on the teaching of the Meisner technique by William Esper.

Nigh dreams and daydreams both come from your unconscious. ... the content of daydreams is not disguised. This is probably the chief reason people don't relate their daydreams to one another. They're astonishingly personal snapshots of our inner selves.
... Our schools teach us from a very early age to focus. To stick to reality and dismiss the imagination as a distraction from what's important. But, to the artist,  daydreaming is as important as food and drink.
Think about it. All great human achievements have begun with a dream.
... Daydreams are a natural part of life, a part of being human. They happen spontaneously, whether you like it or not, just like beating of your heart.  --- An actor's art and craft, p. 199

An Amazing book. I found it in close harmony with my personal view of life and even my way of living. Surprisingly close!

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