Monday, August 15, 2011

The Bells

A paragraph from ``The Bells,'' by Richard Harvell:

For several minutes none of us spoke and Nicolai hummed some Italian march. He reached down and snatched a dead branch. He swung it at the brambles growing along the track. "You see, Moses," he continued suddenly, "I've got a lot to lose. I have so many things, Too many, the abbot would say. Too much. Shed a little love, he'd suggest. Cure yourself of that sin. But that's exactly what I'm afraid of, don't you see? That's exactly my biggest fear, what keeps me awake every night. What I fear is this: I'll wake up the next morning and everything is just the same, the world is the world, but all the love I feel for it has vanished, and I realize that all along my love was only a disease---like smallpox of the soul." Nicolai looked at his friend riding beside us. "Could that happen, Remus?" Remus did not answer ...    ----The Bells, p. 39

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