Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Art Practices

Art practices emphasize new aspects of life, including spontaneity and living from true self. As with the crafts, art practitioners need diligent practice to engrave the basic tools and techniques of their craft. While performing art, they also need to let go of conscious control and perform from their deep soul.

A quote from ``The Actor's Art and Craft'' by William Esper and Damon DiMarco makes this clearer:

``Real actors commit their energies wholly to the fulfillment of the objectives within the imaginary circumstances of their role, all the while paying constant attention to the behavior of their acting partners. If they can train themselves to do this, their next and greatest challenge will be to step aside so the actor inside them can  work without obstruction. This, as Bill has pointed out so often, is when an actor enters that particular state of free fall where form springs from formlessness and inspiration paints each moment a new and exciting color from the palette of the actor's subconscious.''  pp. 274-5, The Actor's Art and Craft

2013-02-04: I am reading this quote again and it brings me some hope. Every time I read ``Lacan'' (as in the past couple of days), or more generally, some schools of psychoanalysis that emphasize on the "senselessness'' of the unconscious, I become overly nervous about my current situation and my hopes that something good comes out of this state of free fall and formlessness!

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