Monday, July 18, 2011

The Little Prince

At the same time, I am reading ``The Little Prince," by Antoine De Saint Exuprey, after a long, long time :)

He was really quite angry. He shook his golden locks in the wind: `I know of a planet where there is a red-faced gentleman. He has never smelled a flower. He has never looked at a star. He has never loved anybody. He has spent all his time adding up figures. And, all day, he keeps on repeating, like you: "I am busy with serious matters. I am busy with serious matters," over and over again. And he swells up with pride. But he is not a man, he is a mushroom.'  p. 32, The Little Prince


  1. I think one should re-read The Little Price every few years because one understands it from different stand point and always learns something new. Thanks for reminding me to do it again.

  2. I agree 100% :) Glad you liked it!


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