Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Thinking ...

Sometimes, like today, nothing makes sense anymore. I know I should stop thinking and start doing things, small tasks, to feel better, but the tasks I should do for my job involve more thinking! Today I came to office around noon but after only 3-4 hours of work I was completely exhausted. I do not know if it is the nature of the academic work or the fact that I have failed in doing finance research, that makes me so frustrated and full of negativity. Sometimes I could not even bear walking in the halls ...

  • "don't beat yourself up. you have good days and bad days and just take them as they come. if you force yourself to do something, you'll just get resentful. maybe only do research on days you feel like you can get something accomplished, or set aside specific time for it and just do it then."


  1. Maybe so :) Thanks for your observation.

  2. Oh God, I know how you feel so well!
    I am in the same phase right now. However, I am angry at me because I have no reason to complain at the end since I am OK (hope you know what I would like to say)...life sucks very often. Take care, Lotus jaan

  3. Aftab Banoo Jaan, I am feeling better today. Days seem to pass, and with them all the negative and positive thoughts and feelings, life is strange :)


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