Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Pic a Day: Montreal Roadtrip

Day 1: Atlanta to Virginia:

Day 2 - Virginia to D.C.

Day 3 - D.C. to Penn
Day 4 - Bloomsburg, PA

Day 5 - PA to Montreal

Day 6 - Montreal

Day 7 - Montreal

Day 8 - Montreal to Toronto

Day 9 - Toronto

Day 10 - Toronto to Pittsburgh

Day 11 - Pittsburgh to Charlotte

Day 12 - Charlotte to Atlanta


  1. you are heading to my semi-hometown :) have a great time.

  2. enjoy your trip and post more photos :)

  3. Daisy Jaan, I am truly enjoying this trip. Arrived in Montreal a couple of hours ago and already like it very much. I like it better than Toronto, which will be my next stop :)

    Aftab banoo jaan, I will^2 ;)

  4. I am in Montreal now. I am planning to go to Toronto soon. After that ... not sure yet!

  5. Wonderful photos!
    Can one see you and Sima in them? ;)

  6. I am the photographer, so I cannot be in them :P
    But Sima is in a photo ;)

    I am planning to post a more complete set from the 600-700 photos I took on the web, I can let you know when they are ready!


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