Monday, May 02, 2011


"True," don Juan said. "You don't like yourself at all." He cackled and told me that he had been "seeing" while I talked. His recommendation was that I should not have remorse for anything I had done, because to isolate one's acts as being mean, or ugly, or evil was to place an unwarranted importance on the self.


In a dramatic tone don Juan stated that well-being was a conditions one had to groom, a condition one had to become acquainted with in order to seek it.
"You don't know what well-being is because you have never experienced it," he said.
I disagreed with him. But he continued arguing that well-being was an achievement one had to deliberately seek. He said that the only thing I knew how to seek was a sense of disorientation, ill-being, and confusion.
--- Journay to Ixtlan, p. 183

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