Monday, March 28, 2011

Violent Dream

Part of my last night dreams that particularly influenced me. (Be advised, it is a little graphic.)

We were playing in a village, similar to those around my birthplace (Kerman) that we frequented with my dad in summers. An Afghani immigrant worker was watering plants nearby and suddenly he made us wet. We started screaming and I made some funny gestures to attract his attention. Even though the gestures were not offensive, but he followed me with a small sword (machete?) and we finally stopped above a ditch or a grave. He put the sword in the grave and covered it with some ornamental objects and then covered everything with a thin layer of soil. Everything was done meditatively and like a ceremony. I was terrorized because my interpretation of the ceremony was that he will kill me with the machete and bury me in that ditch. However, I was not sure and looked for my father to ask his opinion, when suddenly I saw a man and he gave me a very sharp knife and said, 'this is for protection'.
In the next scene, I was playing with a small boy on the top of a tree and keeping him busy. Suddenly, two of his friends, one his age and a teenager appeared and started climbing the tree. They were angry and the teenager had a sword in his hand. I somehow was able to throw them down the tree. I went down to check on them and I saw the teenager still alive and fighting. I picked up a sword and cut him in half.
Then, I sat next to him and for the first time watched his face and eyes, and realized he had a kind, beautiful face. And, he was telling me something in a very low voice that I could not hear. When he was about to die, he pinched my left nipple so hard that it burst in blood and stained my shirt. I though that was his way I showing that I was his killer. As the police arrived at the scene, I stood up indifferently and left.

In the morning, when I remembered the dream, I also remember a short Japanese story that I read yesterday. It is a famous story about a girl being followed by a tiger and jumping off a cliff, hanging to a small plant. As the plant started to get loose, she sees a strawberry, picks it, and take a bite and finds it sweet and delicious!


Two Songs from "Shahram Nazeri", especial order of Aftab banoo, LOL


  1. Thanks for Mr Sibil´s music ;) I loved first one better (is the mosque in the video clip from Isfahan?).
    I also had weird dreams last few nights (mostly about mice and some old lovers) is funny what our brain is telling us sometimes and how all symbols are playing with us!
    Hope your dreams are more positive now ;)

  2. you are welcome!
    Not sure, the structure reminds me of the place "Hafez" is buried in "Shiraz", very beautiful city and place especially in spring!

    Dreams can be fun to interpret :) But these days I am not into dream interpretation ... When I am not depressed I am very busy catching up with my work! ;)

    Take care


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