Sunday, March 06, 2011


A cold windy day, but I convinced Sima to go to Piedmont park. During the walk, I started to feel confident and clear minded and joyful. That sense of calm stayed during the day.

That is, until evening when I started watching TV, switching between sitcoms and the movie "Forces of Nature" (a B movie that I like :) A half an hour relaxing time extended to three and half hours of anxiety and feelings of guilt and desperation. What made me to go through the painful TV watching? In the beginning I was calm and happy. Why could not I stop when I knew that it was getting out of hand?

In the afternoon, I wrote a post about trust and friendship and love, but I could not publish it. Maybe later.

A short piece in "Nava" tune by Jalil Shahnaz. I am starting to appreciate the beauty and depth of "Nava":

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