Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meditative Power of Traditional Iranian Music

I am beginning to understand how amazing "traditional Iranian music" is, not just in its artistic aspects, but also in its meditative power. It moves at a very slow, deliberate pace, according to the feelings of the musician. Consider that this music, and the accompanying poems, were created and developed during extremely hard times (a few hundred years ago)! When Iran was invaded over and over by different powers, and people were constantly living under uncertainty about their future. Then, you may get a grasp of the magic hidden inside these poems and tunes.

To really appreciate this music, you need to be struggling with love, rejection, uncertainty about future, fear, hope, and at the same time, you need to stop the time, or be with its flow, in the now, without anticipation ... I cannot describe my feelings now as I am listening to the following masterpiece of meditative music:

Voice: Shajarian, SeTar: Meshkatian, Ney: Mousavi, Poem: Sa'di

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