Saturday, March 26, 2011

Casual Conversation

As you bring time to a halt
those clouds appear
that will carry you above moments

My clouds are wise
and sweet, today
they whispered in my dream:

No worries dear friend
is not the time near
that you were living amongst us

Original Version:

When you stop the time
you need to ride clouds
to fly over the moments

My clouds are wise
and kind
They told me today:

Don't worry dear friend
time is near
that you live among us

Voice: Shahram Nazeri  ,   Song: Journey to Ixtlan (Journey to the other side)

* "Jounrey to Ixtalan" was translated to Farsi under the title "Journey to the other side".


  1. I must say I love Shahram Nazeri (not only for his wonderful sibil) I think he has wonderful voice. Thanks for sharing it. I was thinking on you (i.e. on your Loneliness, Love, Niceness, and Guilt post) when I was reading about game theory...I must say I dislike to say you were right- humans are indeed selfish bastards..;) hope walking exercises are doing you good and you have super positive start of the year!

  2. You like his sibil? LOL

    I did -NOT- say humans are selfish bastards :)))
    We are social animals, and for e exact same reason, we need to interact with each other, and have to be careful in establishing meaningful boundaries ;)

    Thanks for your kind words! How are you doing these days? You sound happier ... Hope all is well :)

  3. I am not bad Lotus jaan, however, I could be much much better ;) I am not happier, I just had a bit time to check what is going on in world....
    Nazeri is Mr Sibil for me! I love him ever since one friend of mine introduced me to this:
    and I was feeling free to use selfish bastards- I am sorry if I offened you, but if one is not altruistic, one is selfish SOB for me ;)
    May the force be with you :)))


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