Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is It The Time?

These days I feel that I am done with Zen practices after so many years of admiration/fantasizing (and a few years of practice :). It just seem heartless and dry compared to Persian tradition of mysticism. I am enjoying more and more the idea of "love, separation, and longing". As "Molavi Rumi" says, "Whoever lost touch with his truth, he will seek the time of return, forever".
There are many difficulties to change path though. I have lost touch with some basics of the Persian mysticism. For now I am trying to follow "Hafez" advice to stay patient. This may be just a transitory phase inspired by the surge in my depression and my recent frustrations :)


Friday, Feb 25, 2011:
Accidentally, I found this talk about "compassion" on TED. I feel that it is related to what I wrote above:


  1. it sure is hard to change paths. And at the end you might enjoy integrating elements of each. For me, the stages I went/still go through has a lot do with the stage of life I am in as well as my age. good luck and keep writing. Although I dont leave comments, I always enjoy reading you in gooder.

  2. I do not know about you, but for me, being patient is the most difficult thing (and last time one older Persian guy read a fall for me I was supposed to be patient ;))
    I love Rumi and I feel sorry I can not read him in original….
    Stay strong!

  3. Shadi Jaan,
    I agree with your "integration" idea, part of me still loves Zen practices :)
    Your second observation also makes sense to me. I do not fully understand what is happening to me though.
    Thanks for your comment and encouraging words. I am glad you read here.

  4. G.S Jaan,
    I know, I am least patient when I most need it :)
    Thanks for your kind words!

  5. Best of luck.
    My suggestion of all times... "come to dekalb" ;)

  6. thanks Shadi Jaan, tell me when and I 'll be there ;)

  7. how about spring break? Maz said you were thinking about it...

    aghamoon migan: "zoodtar belit begiren age mikhain"

  8. I am mokhless ... our spring break starts today, no classes next week. But mazzz told me that his break is later on and I know he is quite busy.

    How are you doing these days, shadi jaan? hope all is well :)

  9. It is not even March yet!!! Plus, is he really supposed to be busy? ;)

    I am fine. nothing to complain :)


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