Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Yesterday morning,
around 11,
I was writing,
behind my office computer.

When in the middle of a sentence,
a dream started,
that last less than a second.
And someone hit my shoulder
quite gently,
yet enough to startle me.

I looked around,
no one was touching me.
My research assistant,
was staring at me,
with amusement and surprise.
 and I just said,
``that was strange,
really strange.''





  1. I love how you make poems from everything you do, fell, see...
    and I know the feeling as well ;)
    Maybe it was your angel?

  2. Aftab banoo jaan,
    a while ago I decided that, instead of complaining about events or getting too excited about them, I simply write them as poems :) so many of my poems are accounts of what I felt and saw as you said.

    The experience I described in this poem is rather new to me, and I do not know if I have an angel, LOL


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