Monday, February 28, 2011

Broken up!

Today was awful. Woke up around 6 but was so depressed and out of energy that had to sleet again. Good thing that it is Spring break! :) Went to office around 10 and worked a few hours. Office is more awful. Talk to "O.K." briefly, the only friend that I can talk to these days.

Have been depressed for the past couple of days. In the peak of depression, nothing works. Words and insights, specially, become dead leaves that are moved easily by the heavy winds of depression. Practices help, but only if they have become strong habits. Habits are important in dealing with these situations: Teach your kids a sport or  an art, just in case! :)

Went to the coffee shop, in the afternoon, to meet a coauthor and work. The young girl "J" was nervous and angry. She is usually upbeat and nice. Asked her. Her boyfriend broke up with her after two years. I guess it is better to experience these in young age than ...  whatever :)

Evenings and nights are specially bad. With help from Moorch, I was able to get through tonight without major problems. Tomorrow will be a new day :)


I need to call H.
and remind him
of our holding hands
on the way back from school
and the love
that burnt us slowly
I need to find his number
before those memories
die, forever

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