Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Way of Happenings

A feeling
in the middle of an endless night
makes you go there
a lady finds you
and spares you
hours of waiting in line

hours later
hours of absorbing Dali
you are back home
feeling alive

The next morning
you walk in a park
you see a lady
you are drawn to her
and she tells you
to see the gardens

In the gardens
you sit
in freezing cold
on a stone
to feel a fire
in your belly
and then
you don't recognize
familiar places
anymore ...


  1. Very nice and very real, one must love your angelic ladies and how you play with words and feelings!

  2. dear aftab banoo,
    thanks for your kind words.
    you can also tell me when i do not make sense .... would help me to stay real :)))


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