Friday, January 14, 2011

Turn Your Head Or Don't

You know that
in a day or two
--in several days,
if I am lucky--
everything will change
I won't email you,
won't talk to you,
I won't be able
to even look at you

Colors change, so easy,
living with depression ...


  1. Lotus jaan, this one is a bit scary (but never the less beautiful)....hope all is well

  2. aftab banoo jan,
    why scary? ... well, maybe so, but it's part of my life with depression! things are still good :)

  3. I hope things get better very soon and you can see the beautiful colors again. just need to take off your gray glasses.
    take care my friend

  4. thanks taraaneh jaan, i am still fine! :))

  5. Another trip to Illinois might help...??? this time you should come to DeKalb ;)

  6. Shadi jaan
    I am all for that, a trip to Dekalb, wonderful :)


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