Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Photography inspired by my poem :)

No Rain

In the depth of your eyes
I see the brown of an exhausted river
that once proudly filled its banks
I hear fishermen songs
as they sail contently

And I ask their ghosts
How do you sail back to your lovers
on the shores of a dried river?

A tear blossoms ...



  1. 3db better than the other poems. It is a great piece. The third line is amazing. Especially the sound of the word "proudly"

  2. ...painful and beautiful, makes me drop a tear (and my shores are dry)...
    Photos are just awesome (was it so cold in Atlanta?)....

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    Thanks for sharing your opinion ...
    I agree with you, and you are a good observer :)

    Dear Aftab Banoo,
    Yesterday high was around 35 F ~ +1 c,
    and windy, it is cold for Atlanta :)


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