Friday, January 28, 2011

Mato (Target)

Here is my lady
with an inviting chest

From the corner of my eye
I watch her
a seductive whisper: hit me

Shaking hands heavy breathing
aching muscles expanding

All gets quiet
the moment of truth
tension flies, screaming

Arrow pierces her heart
and I thank her
and ask forgiveness


Last night, my Kyudo Sesnei asked me how I see the target. He sees them as cute playful bunnies. I could not answer, I just knew something seductive and  inviting in the target. Today in the morning, I visioned a women with naked chest and friendly face. I was looking at the middle of her breasts, non-sexually, and there was something there that confused me. After a while, I realized that is the way I see the target, an inviting lady friends who offered her heart to me, open and selfless, and I am being appreciative. I wrote this poem!

The combination of these elements makes this a good listen, in traditional Iranian music. I am captivated by the depth of Hafez poems and the mastery of Shahnaz in playing TAR.


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