Sunday, January 09, 2011


I came back from the "High Museum of Art" an hour ago. They kept the museum open 36 hours for the closing of the "Dali: Late Works" exhibition. I was there at 3:00 am, the museum was packed and the line to enter was very long. I was thinking about going back home that a lady showed up and gave me an extra ticket!
I was there for two and half hours until 5:30 and I came back home completely refreshed and in a good mood. This was my second time seeing the exhibition and this time I enjoyed Dali's work much more.

With special thanks to Aftab Banoo to introduce this to me -- Destino: Dali & Disney

 and this is fun :))



  1. Oh you are so lucky!
    I wish I was there as well- I love Dali! Have you seen his cartoon (Destino)?

  2. Thanks so much ... it is beautiful :)

  3. he is just awesome and fun! (I bet he had lots of fun during his life)
    you inspired me for "The artist of the day" post....I just need to find time!


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