Sunday, January 30, 2011


You do not kill demons, because they do not exist outside your mind. You do not fight them either, because they are part of who you are; suppressed emotions, experiences, and thoughts in the darkest areas of your mind. You talk about them honestly and you open your heart, so that the consciousness lights up the shadows and the grace of non-judgmental acceptance makes the demons what they truly are, part of us and our experience, maybe painful but no threat to our existence. And we let roaches be, not as demons anymore, just small creatures :)


  1. well, I think one should kill them (with wooden stick, garlic, holly water)....if you don't kill them they always come back ;)

  2. Demons or roaches, or both? :)

    Think of the birds that eat roaches, if we could "see" them as those birds, things would have been totally different, LOL, it is all in our minds ;)


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