Saturday, January 29, 2011


  • I believe in practices, and doing small things, so what are the practices to deal with a demon?
"Practices" are small things that we do to gain insight and balance in life. A practice can be as simple as washing dishes, or it can be a detailed system of rituals (like Kyudo). The main point is to do the practice with whole heart and presence.
  • am seeing a very good psychiatrist. As before, he cannot find the right medication for me. Last time, he admitted that even when I respond positively to a medication, the effect goes away with time.  He is not sure why, or he thinks that the reason is not important.
  • Shadi has written a very good post about roaches ... I should write about them too. I think they are a key ingredient in my depression, or at least a good sign of it :)
In my experience, depression is usually associated with some compulsive-obsessive behaviors. One example is that small fears and worries become too significant. One of my old fears, from childhood, has been associated with roaches. When I am really well now, I can touch dead roaches. When I am really depressed, the sound of a roaches wakes me up and I cannot go to sleep unless I find and kill it. 


    1. could you explain about"practicing small things? and the are they related to your depression? is that just a joke?

    2. Thanks Taraaneh Jaan! I added more explanation to the post.

    3. Lotus jaan,
      I hope you will kill your depression demon like a cockroach soon. Be strong and keep fighting.

    4. Aftab banoo jaan
      I want to be friend with roaches, as with my depressive side ... what can I do? :)
      It is a fight of unequals ...


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