Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Spatial Inconsistency, or Dream in Dream!

About an hour ago, after quite some time, I had a dream in which I was sleeping and had another dream! How is that possible? Here it goes:

I was driving a small car in a country road to a place in mountains. I have been to this place many times in my dreams but do not know if it actually exists or is completely made up by my mind. Then, I started to feel sleepy while driving. Then, I could not see the road anymore, except when I looked down to a place under the steering wheel! At that point, I realized in my dream that something was not quite right. So I pulled over and stopped by the road. Then, suddenly I could see my car in front of me ... as if I was parked perpendicular to the road ... so me and my car were in two places! I saw the traffic behind me was blocked because I had not completely cleared the road, but I could not move the car, because I was not sure in which direction the car would go! Then, I realized that I was dreaming in dream. The waking up process was quite torturous: I had to wake up from the second dream first and then from the first dream!



  1. I'm glad you wrote the last sentence...I wanted to ask if you needed to follow the orders to wake up from the dreams?

    BTW, you've seen "inception" I suppose, right?

  2. I have not seen "inception", is it on DVD now?

    The last sentence is half serious :) I remember having a lot of difficulty waking up and once I did I was quite tired! I felt as if I had come out of a deep well, then I started remembering my dreams and making some sense out of them ...

  3. You should definitely see "inception", and yes, I think it is now on DVD. It was supposed to be released early December.
    Have fun watching it :)


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