Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sit Tight

  • What do you do when everything seems to go wrong? when everything seems confusing? and your thoughts are all over the place? what do you do?
  • Look, asshole, just sit tight and do whatever small tasks you've got to do, because when you think things are going wrong, it is just you "thinking" and 99% of the time nothing is really happening, at least not until you start panicing!
Disclaimer: This post is supposed to be humorous :) Excuse the language! The underlying idea, however, has helped me recently to cope with periods of anxiety and depression.




    1. I have started panicking! :( not because everything is going wrong but because nothing is going right and I can't concentrate and do any work. I think i should go to yoga.

    2. Why do you have to be so harsh on whoever asked the first question? It was just a simple question...:(

      The "a" word aside, it's a very important reminder which we all should get every now and then.

    3. Daisy Aziz,
      Do not panic, just remember that every time in the past you were confused and nervous, ultimately you got through it.
      Yoga is good!
      Also, in my experience, a good thing to do is to focus on "doing" everyday tasks with full attention.

      World goes on and so does every one of us ...

    4. Nava jaan,

      It was an internal conversation with a bit of humor added to it. I just watched a very nice Pepsi commercial and I adopted the "tough" tone semi-consciously, LOL

      But you are right, it contains a good point, at least it has helped my recently ...

    5. you are funny Lotus! :)
      you scared people though :)
      That's so great you are adopting ways to improve yourself....
      eradatmand, moorch!


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