Monday, December 06, 2010

Sense of Urgency

I am eating lunch and listening to Jalil Shahnaz improvisations in Abu Atta [youtube link], debating whether to ask friends who travel back home to bring the CD for me, when I feel that it does not really matter, and I remember a comment that I made earlier today, while watching a set of fine photos with a friend, that I do not know what to do when I see good art (photos, paintings, ...) these days. And suddenly,  a sense of immediacy comes upon me, that my life will change drastically in near future and I should not worry too much about keeping things because they will be gone soon anyway.

PS 1. Abu Atta is said to be the DASTGAAH for wanderers, as notes move in a "circle that is not round."
PS 2. Once I felt the sense of urgency, or temporariness, that I described above then it became much easier to appreciate what is happening in the now.

2013-6-18: I am embedding the video below. This is one of the best pieces of music I have heard in my life, not just Iranian music, any sort!!! Jalil Shahnaz passed away yesterday, rest in peace!


  1. I really appreciate you are writing these types of post here. Can you write about other DASTGAAH as well.
    I don't know much about traditional music and the kind of information i get from here are very valuable.

  2. Dear Daisy,
    A friend of mine who is an excellent "TAR" player was visiting us a few weeks ago.
    On the afternoon of their leaving, he brought her TAR and started playing things. I mentioned the CD "ESHGH DANAD" Shajarian and Lotfi in Abu Atta, and how wonderful is the beginning.
    So he started playing in Abu Atta and he mentioned a couple of things about it, that it is a strange and deep DASTGAH, that melodies end typically with a sense of incompleteness and expectation, and also what I mentioned in the post.

    If I happen to get information like this I will share, but these occasions are not events that happen every day in my life :D

    Stay warm and happy!


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