Friday, December 03, 2010

Red Lights and Stop Signs

A close friend called
on a Tuesday evening
and invited us
to Bloomsberg, Pennsylvania

I said yes, immediately,
and yet spend the next day, debating
until the clarity came

We drove 1500 miles
within four days
that would become
my best Thanksgiving holiday
a perfect flow

I was back to work,
my everyday worries
and depression

You drive smoothly
all lights are green
til one turns red
and you cling your fists

You may not notice
that a stop is an opportunity
to come back to present
to let the moment
decide the path you take

You drive on a highway
and glance at other drivers
beautiful faces, ugly faces
happy faces and sad faces
momentary faces

And you may not notice
that a stop is an opportunity
to look into their eyes
and say hi
or waive a goodbye


  1. I have chill bumps...Fantastic poem. Absolutely loved it.

  2. Thanks dear Nava, I am glad you liked it so much :)

  3. Loved it. We enjoyed all the moments that we were waiting for a delayed flight, too.

    We should start a campaign to "practice to enjoy every moment, even if it was given to you for a usually categorized as an unpleasant reason".

    Wow. what a long name. You make it shorter ;)

  4. Thanks Shadi jaan!

    I will work on the name but cannot promise anything :D


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