Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reality Show

I have been watching a couple of episodes of "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" tonight. It has been one of my favorite reality shows, because it is full of raw emotions combined with introspection and reflection.
Anyway, what freaked me out this time was that I felt a deep connection to the addicts and their behavior made perfect sense to me, even though I have not been an addict :)

Some moments, when an addict decided to be present rather than refuge to a habitual behavior, were just beautiful and I just saw it as if it was happening to me. The question of what to do when you face pain,  specially rejection and abandonment, is central to the recovery process.

Another interesting observation was the importance of the support group as a safe place to return to. Similarly, true friends offer a place that you can go back to even after you leave, kind of like the immediate family when you grow up. For most of these addicts, however, the origin of the problem has been childhood abuses and the family not being there as a safe place.


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