Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No Rain

In the depth of your eyes
I see the brown of an exhausted river
that once proudly filled its banks
I hear fishermen songs
as they sail contently
and I ask their ghosts
How do you sail back to your lovers
on the shores of a dried river?
A tear blossoms ...




  1. Nice!

    I don't know why it reminded me of "zayanderood"!!!

  2. Thanks, shadi jaan! how are things? did you go to see eli?

    Maybe, or dry rivers in sistaan? :)

  3. You know what, once I looked at the satellite map of the whole world (just zoom out in google maps as much as you can), and the only dry region in the whole world is middle east! I guess the very long history of living creatures in the area is causing this. Really! think of how much water was consumed by many many generations of many people for many thousands of years!

    wow, this became a letter, instead of a comment!

    I am fine. I am going to Boston this weekend :D

  4. do not worry at all, there is no tax on long comments, LOL

    Enjoy the trip, and say hi to them ... and of course to mazz :)


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