Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Heart Pounding

Do you remember the first time
you fell in love?
The first time
that seeing someone
would make every cell in your body
would make you heart sink

I was only a kid
seven or eight years young
and I stole a match box
from the small shop
on the corner of our street

And I felt free
and I felt a current
revitalizing me
and I felt my heart
crazy as a wounded tiger
ready to jump out of my chest

I remember that moment



  1. beautiful like always! If you ever watched Amelie, I often feel like she in the scene when Nino is in the restaurant and leaves and she spills like a water on the ground....

  2. very exquisite like a petal!!!
    --Collection Poems by Lotus :)

  3. thanks aftab banoo for your comment and for the clip. That scene is half funny half emotional. I feel that this film (Amelie) does not take itself very seriously :)

  4. thank you moooooorch :)
    It is not a collection yet but I am getting there :P


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