Saturday, December 11, 2010

Engraved - A Story - Part 2

[Link: Part 1]

In the beginning, he played a lot with the stones. Specially with the more beautiful ones. Those, he would take everywhere, probably to show off. To be honest, I was amused by how he made everything so complicated. He worried about what others would think of him playing and talking to stones.

Oh, I forgot to tell you this. As his initial enthusiasm for the stones was wearing off, one day he realized that he could talk to the stones, about his dream, his fantasies, and most importantly, about his insecurities. Even though he felt that stones were much less judgmental, he could not help worrying what stones would make of him. I told you, he thought way too much!

You see, stones are simple creatures. True, there are young stones, newly broken off a rock or carried by a river, that are too emotional. They feel soft to the touch and willing to express themselves. Consider old stones, on the other hand. They have been through so much pressure for so many years that they have lost interest in everyday worries of life.


  1. Lotus jaan,kheili merci! beautiful as always...I like to think I am new stone, but I've been through too much...
    Hope to read more soon!

  2. Thanks G.S. jaan, but I do not know how it will evolve: this is my first story :D

  3. you can call me Aftab bano :))
    and please keep writing...
    with happy ends if possible ;)

  4. Sure Aftab banoo!
    We do not know the ending, do we?
    that makes life wonderful :)


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