Friday, December 10, 2010

Engraved - A Story - Part 1

He was a man of few words, sitting all day long behind his computer working, except for short cigarette breaks and except for those depression days when he could not even lift a finger. He barely paid attention to his surroundings, and was engaged with his thoughts and worries about work, even when he was not working.

One day, as he was getting close to the fourth decade of his life, he stopped and looked around. He was mesmerized by a few stones of different types, shapes, and colors. He put them in his pocket and decided to attend to them. Little he knew at the time!

He was not a man of the world. He was unaware of the simple fact that stones are totally different creatures and, for example, that most of them have very tiny hearts that they prefer not to open up to others.

Stones - Links


  1. I am looking forward to read Part 2...Part 1 is awesome!

  2. Thanks G.S. !
    I have to see what is going to happen to him and the stones :)


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