Monday, December 20, 2010

Vision?! :)

After a few weeks of high traffic, my blog is quiet again. I am not sure whether the nude picture I posted had any effect :) but I will discuss my idea about nudity, art, and pornography in another post.
I have been thinking about the topic of this post for a few days now, and there has been some events that encouraged me to finally publish this.

So, what do you think having visions or intuitions about things in other people's soul?

I have realized recently that it is a curse rather than a gift. Well, the following two aspects are interesting to me:
  1. Visions are like feelings in that they change shape when they are expressed. Once you interpret a vision, you have already put your thoughts into it and pollute it.
  2.  What can you do with a vision? A lot of times you cannot even explain it to the person because it may be too personal. Other times, even if you can explain it, there is no reason that the person would believe it (specially in the light of point "1" above). Ultimately, they turn out to be quite useless.
I do not know why these matter at all. I just felt that I had to write this :)

PS 1. maybe the point is that I have to focus on life as it happens, on people as I see them, and stop obsessing with my feelings and intuitions, and accept that someone's soul is a private place that I have no business looking into :)

PS 2. Funny, here is an example of "1" that just happened. Since it is related to me (and not someone else) I can share it here. So, I was watching "Men of Certain Age", which is a great show on TNT (highly recommended). Right after it finished, CSI-NY started, and it showed a boy shot by a gun and his gun wound. When I saw the wound, I had a very strange feeling. Interpreting that feeling, however, is an obscure job ... I can say that a gun wound will have some significance in my life, or I can be more dramatic and say that I saw that I will die from a gun wound, and ... there are endless other possibilities.
I guess what normal people do is that they take the feeling less seriously and go on with their lives, LOL


  1. Do you think it might be possible that the lower traffic is due to getting closer to the holiday sessions? People are busy. Well! I look at myself and I am trying to juggle many things in order to finish stuff before I go for holidays.

    I will keep my opinion about nudity for later when you decide to post something on this topic ;)

    I guess I am curious to get into other people’s soul and thoughts specially those that I care for. Or I think have interesting personality.

    I have heard the medical students usually suffer from the thoughts of having some sort of illness that they learn about during their studies. I think that is human mind to project on what he/she sees and learn about. And if I see that scene on TV, the first thing I do is to switch the channel.

  2. Nice post Lotus jaan and nice comment Daisy jaan (made me smile)!
    I used to believe that I had good vision/intuition, but I think I´ve lost it somewhere on the road...I hope to pick it up again!

  3. Daisy Jaan,

    You are right, it is definitely possible.
    I am always glad to know your opinion.
    You are right, it is some form of curiosity, but maybe not a good one :)
    I agree, there is no reason to believe in visions, it is a choice, and I am not clear about the possible consequences!

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts :)

  4. Dear aftab banoo

    I agree, her comment was light spirited in some way ...

    I am sure you will find them again :)


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