Thursday, December 09, 2010


  • Something terrifying is happening. I read my old poems and I find them all BS. ... :P     I do not enjoy reading my posts, poems or otherwise, at all. This is a disaster :D
  • If it is so hard to let go of objects, and even harder to let go of habits, imagine how hard it would be to let go of a friend :(    I guess no one wants to do that unless absolutely have to.


  1. not relevant to your post but as a reply to your comment, I did not get a comment form you for my last post. I mean I got only the one that was asking about a previous not published comment. can you submit it again?

  2. relevant to your post, I sometimes go back to my writing. Some are funny (BS)... I just laugh! some are wise, especially if you go back to them 10 years later, I enjoy them.
    One actually gave me quite a bit of some self-confidence lately :D

  3. Lotus jaan azizam,
    think on me! I find you poems nice, sometimes they make me sad, sometimes they scare me, but everytime I am happy to read it!
    so, please do not give up from this friend!

  4. Shadi A jaan,
    I get your point, you are right. thanks :)

  5. G.S. jaan, thanks for your comment, it was a temporary phase but I keep your words in mind :)


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