Sunday, December 12, 2010

Apple Orchard

Sima found the following quote from this article [Link] from Richard Wiseman web site [Link] She thinks this applies to me very well :)))

``Imagine living in the center of a large apple orchard. Each day you have to venture into the orchard and collect a large basket of apples. The first few times it won’t matter where you decide to visit. All parts of the orchard will have apples and so you will be able to find them wherever you go. But as time goes on it will become more and more difficult to find apples in the places that you have visited before. And the more you return to the same locations, the harder it will be to find apples there. But if you decide to always go to parts of the orchard that you have never visited before, or even randomly decide where to go, your chances of finding apples will be dramatically increased. And it is exactly the same with luck. It is easy for people to exhaust the opportunities in their life. Keep on talking to the same people in the same way. Keep taking the same route to and from work. Keep going to the same places on vacation. But new or even random experiences introduce the potential for new opportunities.''


  1. WoW! Awesome!( my 1st impression)

    [terrified with the recent, new expreience I've had]It's not applicable to me. The new experiences, mostly, frighten me.

  2. I read your last post and wrote a comment (the anatomy of fear)

    do not worry too much, hopefully things will be alright

    and thanks VERY much for sharing your experience!!!

  3. I must admit, I agree with Sima, to a very good extent! :D

    Next time instead of coming to DeKalb, I'll just go to Las Vegas ;)

  4. dear aftab banoo,
    i do not really know, and i wonder if i want to "know" things anymore :)
    kind of "ignorance is bliss" thing with me now, LOL

  5. Shadi A jaaan,
    next time let us know and we will all go to Las Vegas, maybe ;)


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