Friday, November 19, 2010

Two (three) Songs!

I just listened to this song by "MOEIN" on Daisy-banoo  :) blog. It perfectly fits my day: Sima is gone to Arizona, I have been working at home, seen noone today, and about an hour ago, I was thinking how I miss the time in Iran with plenty of friends, who would stop by my house, every now and then, just to hang out, WOW, and now, if I die at home today, noone will realize until Sunday that Sima comes back :)
But when I listened to song again, and tried to stay in the moment and not indulge my nostalgia, I realized a change, something was lighter, I was almost happy to have a sorrow in my heart, but still live and grow, :D
So, the second music is a reflective piece in "Abu Atta" (a mystic tone, many believe) and Jalil Shahnaz is the performer, a masterpiece in the depth and meditative power of Iranian traditional music, it has an unbelievable depth into its sadness, different from the first piece!



Another "Abu Atta" performance, equally amazing, by "Mohammad Reza Lotfi":

 Improvisation in Abu Atta - Setar -  Ahmad Ebadi

Again, Jalil Shahnaz improvisation:


  1. You adviced me not to listen to these types of music and then you posted the Moein’s song on your blog :)
    Well, I agree with your comment and I try to stop listening to sad songs. Thanks for sharing the Jalil Shahnaz’s song. I enjoyed it very much and the slide show was even better. I love stained glass windows.
    p.s. I will come back to share my thought with you on your previous post. I was really busy and didn’t have time to write.

  2. Daisy Aziz,
    People say things and do otherwise :)

    Please do not worry at all about that post ... if something comes to your mind to share then of course go ahead and share, but do not think of it as an obligation :)

  3. You're kidding!! I am obliged to write something now. Otherwise, you might stop writing ;)


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