Friday, November 19, 2010

Symmetry or Asymmetry?

This is not a philosophical discussion. It is not intended to be an abstract discussion either. It is another side of the "Separation Story" as described in "BESHNO AZ NEY" poem by Molana Rumi.

Is life symmetric, in the sense that our actions come back to us? Does our feelings (love or hatred) for someone reflects in his/her similar feelings toward us? Is life connected?

There is no definite answer of course. I propose that the answer depends on our actions, how we live our life, and not so much on what we think or believe.

Example: An symmetric-disconnected life is like a rock hitting another rock, they contact each other and then go their ways, separate. A symmetric-connected life is like a drop of water on a lake, they contact, they create a small waive and they interact.

A connected life defines by our actions. Fluidity comes from present, being with the moment as it evolves. Rigidity comes from rigid plans (for futures) and prolonged regrets (over past). In a fluid life, actions are originated in the present, not by plans for future and regrets from the past.

See also my previous post on "the delicate force of despite" and also a funny example in "the force of despite: example".

PS. Note that I am not recommending a fluid life. This is a personal choice and there are very good reasons to live an asymmetric life. Even though words have some positive-negative connotations, but I am not judgmental here.

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