Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Red American Spirit

Chilly night of the November second,
driving back from my Kyudo practice,
the preliminary results of 2010 midterm elections,
and I turn off the radio.

Though a bit tired,
I change my way
to buy cigarettes
from a small package store.

The Indian owner,
wearing a big smile,
greets me from a corner.

His Latino assistant--
never asked him where he is from--
gives me a pack,
``There is a nice wine tasting,
with dinner,
you should take your wife there."
It is this Thursday night, in downtown Decatur.

``How is the business?"
I ask the owner;
he knows I am Iranian.
``Slow on Tuesdays and Wednesdays,
picks up for the weekends,''
he replies, smiling,
``You know,
you are my only customer
who buys the `Red American Spirit'.''

From the paper rack outside the store,
I take an old `Creative Loafing,'
Sima is waiting at home,
and I have not smoked for a couple of days.


  1. Either this post is relaxing, or your were relax when you wrote it, or I am so relax now!

    Either way, you should go to more weddings ;)

  2. "we should"...

    the sentence was originally "you should visit us more" :D

  3. Wow, your comment is really appreciated dear Shadi, as we had a very memorable, nice time with all of you ... but I am quite surprised by your feelings about this post :) ... even though now I kind of get it when I read it again ... Thanks for arranging the trip and the wonderful time!!!!


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