Thursday, November 11, 2010

If I were ...

I was thinking today that if I were a doctor, a psychiatrist, I would advice depression patients to consider "suicide" as a viable option :P
What is the point of living a life that every day could be worse than the previous day?
People are  too politically correct these days! They are too attached to this fucked up life and all :)


  1. Dear Lotus,
    If you were a psychiatrist, you don't need to ADVICE such a solution! The depression pantients DO think of suicide every now and then!
    Whether being correct or not, life still sucks! People find different solutions confronting life! some commit suicide, some have fun, some laugh and some cry,... .
    Interestingly, some are aware of these and some are not! In other words, some FIND the solutions and some happen to face the solutions!

  2. Dear "MAN"

    I believe you are right and I wrote a new post explaining what this post is, a statement of frustration!

  3. Dear Taraaneh,

    Yes, thanks God! :)
    However, please also see my next post about what this post really is.


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