Monday, November 22, 2010


 Where is the glow of summer sunsets
 that offered me a cold cola
after long hours of playing soccer
in narrow alleys of my neighborhood

* A Tehran's neighborhood, where I grew up :)

The first two lines came to me while I was taking a nap today :) I do not know what they mean ;P


  1. Reading this four-line poem made me cry. :(

  2. I appreciate that you write comments, and express your feelings so openly!
    Be happy and good :)

  3. ohhhh! I lived in Tehran Pars the last three years of high school. My grandparents have lived there for a long time too. Yeah, I agree with the previous commenter. This poem made me very emotional too.

  4. Such a small world, right? We could have been neighbors :)
    Thanks for your comment!
    Today I read a couple of them for my doctor and he was excited, in a good way :D

    I did not know you had an English blog!


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