Friday, October 22, 2010

Share Point

Not sure if it is true for everyone, but I need friends so that I can share my moments. Even when I was a child, some of my closest friends-kids were very cruel to me, but still I had to share things with them.
And it is only with closest friends that I feel the trust and protection required for sharing deep thoughts, feelings, and moments.
Obviously, such a level of trust only develops over a long time, years, or maybe under very harsh circumstances.
An intriguing question is that, why I cannot be my closest friend, as Sima always advises me to be! :)


  1. the same thing is true for me. I even don't go watch a movie by myself because i need to share the experience of it with someone.

    But my question is what do you mean by saying you can't be your closest friend?
    Another thing is that I think you already have Sima as one of your closest friends. you should listen to her more ;)

  2. Do you treat yourself with the same level of kindness, respect, love, and enthusiasm that you treat your close friends? I do -not-! :(
    Well, Sima always says that she is the closest friend of herself ...
    I am not even sure how it feels

    OK, I will :P

  3. unfortunately, neither am I. but I am trying to be kinder to myself...

  4. do not worry, try my friend, it is all that matters, good job :))))

    I am clearly drunk and out of my mind :P


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