Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Rumi and Bach?

There are some very powerful forces that you may encounter in life. Usually they just pass you by if you keep a safe distance. If you are overly curious and put yourself in their path, though, they simply crash you into pieces, unless you are a force yourself (that is, you have worked consistently and prepared for such encounters :)

Forces do not have mercy or compassion. It is like asking a hurricane to be nice!


  1. I love Rumi! It makes me feel better when I read his poems...hope he has same effect on you

  2. I never tried it :) honestly
    But I once observed that photography, in the sense of trying to capture the beauty of a moment and place, improves my mood !

    I like Hafez too, very much, and recently discovered Japanese short poems (Haikos) ...

  3. You should do more of photography than and post some on your blog ;))
    I like Hafez as well, especially Hargez namirad anke delash sende shod be esgh (sorry if I misspelled it), but Rumi is kind of closer to my heart.
    Have you ever read Naruda? He is great and I think you could like him...

  4. Sure, my preferences are changing all the time :)

    Sorry, I have not read his poems ... I checked a couple of them online and they are very sensual and romantic, thanks for your suggestion!

    However, you may not like Japanese poems then, they are very brief, sharp, witty, and plain ...

  5. As a matter of fact, I was in love with Japan 10 years ago...I do like Haiku, but at the moment I enjoy poems of love and lust more :)
    Glad you liked Pablo :)


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