Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today, I first have a strange vision of a big void inside me, and I am on the verge of looking at it to find out what it is.

I feel I have great difficulty answering a simple question, ``what do I want from life?'' I think this is closely related to that void.

Then, I come across the following lines in Michael Gelbs book, ``Body Learning'':

``Alexander continually stressed the importance of accurate sensory appreciation. One of his teaching aphorism was that `feeling when it is right, is of much more use than what they call mind.' As our sensory appreciation improves we may find that we are getting clearer messages about our true needs.

According to a spiritual teacher ... the path to self-realization involves finding out what one's true needs are and then fulfilling  them. ... Discovering one's true needs is no easy trick; all kinds of excess and silliness are indulged in under the guise of `doing what one really feels like.' If our sensory appreciation is inaccurate we cannot be sure what our true needs are, but as our standard of rightness develops, intuition begins to be a more valuable tool, and it become more difficult to fool ourselves.

To improve our sensory standard we must temporarily suspend the judgments we make on the basis of it and be prepared to experience something beyond habit. This process of suspending judgement ... involves the cultivation of an objective and detached awareness that will enable us to apply the experimental method in studying our own behavior. This takes some courage, as it may lead us to question our basic assumptions, ... '' (pp. 56-57)

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