Monday, September 06, 2010

Body Learning

Yesterday, at the Decatur Book Festival, I bought a book about the "Alexander Technique." The book's name is "Body Learning" by Michael Gelb. I have read the first two chapters and I have already some interesting quotes to put here. Coincidentally, yesterday I also came across a blog with a very interesting post on posture and how body and mind interact. If I can remember the blog I will add a link to that post here :)


``The most valuable knowledge we can possess is of the use and functioning of the self.'' p.25

``Dewey believed that the formation and execution of ideas depended on habits.`Reason pure of all influence from prior habit is fiction,' he said, adding that `the real opposition is not between reason and habit, but between routine unintelligent habit and intelligent habit or art.

The organization of our physical, emotional and intellectual functions is extremely complex. The important thing to remember about these three functions is that we do have a choice about the way we employ them. The most fundamental form of misuse is the failure to make choices.'' p.33


  1. Nice quotes. To learn more about the Alexander Technique, check out their website at


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