Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Words Power

I was a total skeptic about words and their values. That's until I re-discovered art value, and then, poetry and literature. But still then, I was very unsure about some other aspects of "talking". Why do we need them? :)

Well, I have discovered the power of talking. It has a transformational effect on certain issues. Issues that we want to avoid. Those that we feel we "cannot" talk about. Our secrets. Especially if you talk to the right person, who does not betray you, a real friend.

I am sure many people have described this power of words better than my try here. But I had to say it, pay my tribute to it, as I am experiencing it these days, mesmerized by it!!!

PS. This is also a tribute to the value of "real friends" ... they are hard to find and extremely precious. I write more about this later.

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