Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Two Approaches to Travel :)

Warning: this post only makes some sense if you have "practiced", otherwise it will be intellectual bullshit :))

I have recently noticed two approaches to (physical) practices that are vaguely classified as meditative-Zen. I call them "external" and "internal".

External Approach: Emphasizes discipline. Uses life hardships to develop the spirit. Will-power has a significant role, which is practiced by enduring difficult physical, mental, and emotional situations.

Internal Approach: Emphasizes harmony. Self-discovery is achieved through loving ones self and staying patient with moments. Will power is mainly manifested in this patience.
Variation (on Internal Approach): In one variation, the main manifestation of will power is in stopping tasks at hand when there is still momentum to continue. This variation is an amazingly simple approach to mindfulness and being-in-the-present that needs practice of some simple rules in daily activities. I have described different elements of this approach in the posts that have "nihil nimus" as a label.
This post develops a similar idea:
This one explain "stopping" a little:
The following post lists all elements:

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