Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Every time you hit the bottom
You ask the same old question
Man, can I get lower than this?

A couple of good days, though
and you start cheering and singing
like a young, madly in love, crocodile
Or is it? Yes, I meant cardinal!

No glory in the life with depression
Heavy clouds gather, a dark sky
It starts raining
and you try to stay afloat

And the realization hits you,
you are struggling in a swamp
that other people simply avoid

Trying to stay afloat
you waive at occasional friends
so that they turn their faces
to ignore the stink of the swamp

And you ask, why?
retracking the chain of events
and trying to stay afloat

Envy rises to rage,
and rage gives birth to hatred
Man, can it get any lower than this?

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